Wa East

The Wa East district was carved out of the Wa Municipality and made an autonomous district by L.I 1746 in July 2004. The district is remotely located in the southeastern part of the Upper West region. The capital is Funsi, about 115km away from Wa, the regional capital. The district shares boundaries with Mamprugo- Moaduri District to the north East, North Gonja to southeast and the Sissala East and West district to the north respectively, the District also Shares borders with Wa Municipal to the West.
It has a landmass of about 1,078km², which lies between latitudes 9º 55”n and 10º 25”n and longitude 1º 10”w and 2º 5”w. The remoteness of the district relative to other districts of the region has deprived it of basic social and economic infrastructure and services.

The population of the municipality according to 2010 population and housing census stands at 72,074 with 36,396 males and 35,678 females.

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