Budgets for Development: Have A Say

Have a say on Education, Health, Finance and Local Government.


Welcome to Have A Say, a platform where you can ask questions about Education, Health and District Assembly services across multiple districts in Ghana, and have them answered by the responsible government officials.

How To Provide Feedback

To provide feedback by phone, call the number 0307 082 140, and follow the voice prompts.

To provide feedback through this website:
1. Select a district or ministry (health, finance or education), by clicking on “districts” or “ministries” at the top of the this page, and going to the desired district or ministry page.
2. Click on the “leave feedback now” button located in Feedback Statistics section of the page (just scroll down).
3. Select the sector (education, health or district assembly) that you would like to provide feedback on
4. Respond to the questions on the page, and when you’re done, click the “submit feedback” button
5. After this step, your feedback will reviewed by a moderator within 3 working days, and if approved, will be posted live on the website.

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